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Computer/Software Support

Diagnosis & Repair

We fix everything. Call Toll Free 1-855-749-9403 for the best of the best assistance experience! Excel offers a consolidated platform that provides your computer the care which your machine requires & also diagnostics and repair that your connected devices needs
1. Fix Software and Hardware Errors
To ensure best performance our technicians will diagnose and troubleshoot any errors your software may throw up. At Excel we take care of any issues of compatibility and software application conflicts that run on your computers and devices.
2. Resolve Compatibility Issues
Identify the root of the problem by embarking on a logical trouble shooting methodology that will help eradicate and rectify the problem permanently. 3. Reduce Computer Crashes
Identifying and fixing issues that may cause your devices to crash frequently is problematic. Get expert technical assistance at Excel to tackle these issues. 4. One-Stop Shop to fix all Technical Issues
Excel is the one stop shop for all repairs and diagnostic issues for servers computers and its peripheral devices such as printers scanners routers and all their software applications. From fixing issues with Microsoft office or blue screen errors to network glitches we provide the fastest safest easiest troubleshooting methods.


Get expert help for your home or business network. Call toll free 1-855-749-9403 now. With one phone call get help from an expert excel Tech Services llc technical assistant to create or manage a home or business network platform for you various devices like servers, routers, printers etc.
Setup and Install Home Networks
Configure settings for your Internet connection, installation of your router and printer sharing across computer from an excel Tech Services llc technical assistant.
Connect to the Internet
our technicians are always there to help you whether you need assistance to access the Internet or customize browser settings.
Troubleshoot Network Connectivity Issues
Network errors can adversely affect your work both at home or office; get help from our technical assistant’s for instant help.
Online Network Monitoring
excel Tech Services llc experts monitor your company’s network including servers and end computing devices to ensure that you get the best performance out of your devices.

Optimization/.Tune Ups

Is old system giving you trouble? CALL 1-855-749-9403 for Instant Technical Assistance Now. Get in touch with Excel, we will make it hard for you to believe it’s the same old system
Support from Excel ensures faster system performance. Call Toll Free 1-855-749-9403
A computer’s hard drive ages with constant data collection and storage, even a software installation and removal leaves behind traces. Computer efficiency is hampered severely due to this taking away from the performance of your machine. Experienced excel Tech Services llc assistant help you maintain the performance of your hard drive empowering your PC to give the best possible performance.
Optimal Performance
By removing unnecessary background processes and deleting unwanted files our technicians will ensure that you get optimal performance from the hardware and software’s of your pc
Speedy Shutdowns & Booting
Your PC needs regular maintenance and tweaks to reduce its start-up and shut down time and make its installed applications run optimally. Support from our technician helps you manage these so that your computer continues function smoothly.
Your Computer Faster & Newer Functioning
Technicians at Excel improve the speed of your computer by fixing issues like registry errors removing junk files defragmenting the hard disk etc.
Update Software and Drivers
Applications or Drivers that are out dated or corrupted can slow down your computer system. Our technicians help you to download the latest versions and update them to give you the best performance for your device.

Setup & Installation

Our experts will help you to overcome the confusion and frustration connected with device setup and installations. Excel provides superior assistance for installation and setup of PCs, software’s and peripherals. Call our toll free 1-855-749-9403. Faulty installation causes computer’s and connected devices to malfunction. Let our technical assistant’s ensure that you get a flawless installation and setup experience

Support for Setup & Installation
At Excel we ensure that all your set up requirements are met with your full satisfaction & we help setting up your computers, install your PC software’s as well as configure any kind of applications
Pre-installation Compatibility Check
Checking the compatibility of your PC to the software’s you wish to install is very important. Our technicians make sure that you get access to the right version of the software’s and check the compatibility of your already purchased software’s and applications.
Migrations of Setting and Data
Getting a new Pc or device can often end up in data loss. Migrating to a new OS can also lead to the same problems. Let us help you to migrate the data and settings so that you don’t loose a single file.
Customization of Settings
Your satisfaction is supreme at Excel. We customize and configure the settings of your computer’s and devices as per your preferences.

Tailored Services

Keep your IT running smoothly 24/7, Call toll free 1-855-749-9403 for the best assistance experience. For the best assistance experience.

Complete IT Support
Rely on Excel for 24/7 constant technical assistance for troubleshooting server errors, software updating and network performance monitoring to security assessment.
Proactive Monitoring
Proactive monitoring of your network, servers, peripherals, voice platforms, etc. is a responsibility that we at Excel take seriously and aim to please.
Minimize the Downtime
By offering proactive IT assistance Excel technicians minimize the downtime which reduces business costs and boosts profitability.
Plans Customized for Your Business
Offering a wide range of customizable plans we understand the diverse needs of different companies for their assistance requirements.

Usability Training

Software Applications at their best. Call 1-855-749-9403 toll free for the best assistance experience. . Our assistance allows you to understand the features of your chosen software applications, Excel helps you get accustomed to your product and get you started on usability training and assistance
Learn How to Use Your Software
In order to understand the functions and uses of any programs and software’s installed by you, just call our technicians to guide you with step-by-step instructions to help
User Interface (UI) and getting to know it.
The user interface (UI) of any software program can often be confusing hampering your full use of the software. excel Tech Services llc technical assistant will take you through the UI of your software so that you may understand and use it to the fullest enhancing you output and the performance of the software.
Achieve Improved Productivity
For greater efficiency get to know your computer and its installed applications thoroughly.
Get Guidance From Experts
ExpertsCall us toll free now to get usability training from a certified, expert technician.

Virus Removal

Digital security is the need of the hour. Online threats, viruses, and infections invade digital spaces posing a threat to your important data and files. Excel can take care of optimizing your security so that you may access the internet worry free. Are malware and online infections troubling you? Stay protected for the best service experience call toll free 1-855-749-9403. Your private information can be at risk from countless viruses and infections that embed themselves in your PC corrupting the software’s and applications running in your computer. Our expert technicians can minimize these threats by strengthening and optimizing your security and cleaning your systems from viruses and spyware. Stay protected for the best service experience call toll free 1-855-749-9403. Your private information can be at risk from countless viruses and infections that embed themselves in your PC corrupting the software’s and applications running in your computer. Our expert technicians can minimize these threats by strengthening and optimizing your security and cleaning your systems from viruses and spyware.

Setup & Installation of Antivirus
An antivirus is much needed for a cohesive and comprehensive security measure. Our technical assistanct’s install and configure the correct antivirus for your system so that your PC may be protected against malware and online threats.
Get Rid of Viruses and Spyware
Get the assistance of our expert and professional technicians to help you remove spyware, viruses and other malicious programs. virus-removal
Schedule Scans
Configure your PCs and servers to remover malware automatically by allowing us to schedule regular scans of your system so that you remain safe while browsing the Internet.
Protection from Hacking & Phishing
excel Tech Services llc assistant will maximize your protection from hackers & attempts to steal your online identity by boosting the performance of your security software.

Self Help

Call toll free 1-855-749-9403 for the best assistance experience.
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